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Families Share Their Experiences

Here's what the families of the patients are saying about Sacred Journey Hospice. If you or your loved one is in need of hospice care, call us straightaway. Get in touch with our office 24/7 at 678-583-0717.
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Sacred Journey Hospice is like family. They help in so many aspects. Hospice gives confidence and assurance. They are more personable than I expected. They take care of more than just the physical needs. We wish that we would have known about hospice sooner.

- Kelly Holder September 2016

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Sacred Journey Hospice has offered volunteers to sit and made sure that his needs have been met. It has been great. Everyone should know that they are there to help. Hospice takes a lot of worries out. We aren’t having to run back and forth to the VA anymore. We were reluctant at first, but now wish we would have started hospice before he had home health.

- Danielle McCrobie  September 2016

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It’s nice to know that someone is there. I always get a person and not a recording when I call. Sacred Journey Hospice goes the whole nine yards and they do so much more than meeting just physical needs.

- Nancy Dotson October 2016

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Sacred Journey Hospice has helped by keeping up with medications and decreasing the need for so many doctor appointments. It is a relief and less stress. People that are qualified are taking care of her, such as her CNA. I have learned from them. Hospice takes so much stress off knowing that she is being cared for. People don’t know about it or they think that it is “ the end” or the last few weeks. If only people knew earlier.

- Marlene McKee October 2016

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Sacred Journey Hospice has been a blessing. The team is unbelievable and the CNA’s are wonderful. I would recommend hospice at Sacred Journey so many times. It’s the best. Hospice provides relief to so many problems that you have. Hospice has made life a lot easier for me.

- Annette Poole October 2016

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Hospice helps financially and with medications. I would absolutely recommend it. I was surprised to find out how long-term hospice can be. Our CNA takes care of all his needs, and we hardly ever have to ask for anything.

- Shirley Alford October 2016

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It has been a pleasant experience and they are treated well. It helps to have professional reassurance, especially that this is a normal part of the process. Everything they said that they would do, they have done. The team helps to support not only the patient but the family also. Hospice helps fulfill my father’s wishes to stay at home and allows me to actually be able to spend time with my father since I used to be so busy filling medications, making doctor visits, and taking care of other things.

- Sandra Nunley September 2016

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I'm reassured that hospice is there and it is less stress to know that the hospice nurse can be reached instead of rushing to the ER or Urgent Care. Even though mom is in assisted living, I would still receive phone calls at night or had to call 911. Now since she has had hospice, the assisted living calls the hospice nurse first and it has cut back on many ER visits.

- Gail West October 2016

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Hospice has been a lot of help and is a comfort. Having the nurse visit weekly and access by phone has been easier than going to the ER and frequent doctor visits. I was surprised overall how much they really do, and that you could get it as early as you can without being kicked out after six months.

- Sandy Frady October 2016

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Sacred Journey Hospice was wonderful. Our CNA was so amazing with Dad, he loved and respected her. Having hospice gave me comfort that I wasn’t going crazy and that this was the process and I knew that they were there to help. Don’t be afraid to let hospice come in, talk, and evaluate.

- Ruth Strickland November 2016

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I could not ask for any help better than the help provided by Sacred Journey Hospice. People need to know that hospice not only helps with the patient but also with the family. Having hospice for my parents felt like I could take a deep breath. It gave me a sense of peace. Hospice was like the 1st defense. It helps so much and was such a blessing. Hospice helped prevent many hospital and doctor visits. I told my sister that if I ever need hospice, I want Sacred Journey.

- Rhonda Masters November 2016

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