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Since we opened our doors in 2001, we have worked with hundreds of physicians in the Atlanta metropolitan area and middle Georgia. We rely on the attending physician to guide the patient and their family to hospice when a cure is no longer the focus of care.

At that point, the detailed medical history provided by the physician helps us to better know and care for the patient. We work closely with physicians to determine and provide the care most appropriate for the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and preferences. Whether at home, in a residential facility, or at our inpatient facility, we can work with you to implement a Plan of Care with your directives. Our staff, medical director can also assist when needed.
Hospice care can also reduce out-of-pocket expenses for your patients and generally does not require any out-of-pocket expense for the patient. As the attending physician of a hospice patient, you will be reimbursed monthly by Medicare, Medicaid, or the patient’s private insurance plan for your patient care and plan oversight.

If you are a physician and have a patient who may benefit from hospice care, either call one of our admissions counselors or complete and fax our Referral Form. If you have specific questions regarding hospice or would like to speak with one of our administrators, feel free to contact us or visit us for a tour of our inpatient facility at 138 Peach Drive, McDonough, Georgia 30253.
Nursing Care

Admission Criteria

The patient must have a life-limiting condition with a prognosis of six months or less, either due to a specific diagnosis or a combination of factors. At the end of six months, the patient will be reassessed to determine if hospice is still appropriate considering the progress of the disease. While determining life expectancy is not an exact science, the recent legislation states that “a physician’s certification of a patient is based on clinical judgment regarding the normal course of illness.”

The patient must be aware of their condition and both the patient and family must agree to hospice care, accepting palliative care over curative treatment.

Other factors that may indicate a need for hospice care include decline or decrease in daily activities (ADL), weight loss or decrease in appetite, decline in cognitive abilities, observable changes in condition, and a lack of responsiveness to treatment or the worsening of symptoms of a chronic illness.

In order for a patient to qualify for hospice and receive the benefits from Medicare or private insurance, the attending physician must submit a Physician Referral or Certification Form within 8 days of admission.

Physician Reimbursements

Hospice does not affect your financial relationship with your patient. As the patient’s attending physician, you are eligible for an additional reimbursement from Medicare for the oversight of the patient’s care plan. Regardless of whether or not you are a Medicare participating physician, you can be reimbursed for the documented time spent on the Care Plan Oversight. Reimbursements are paid monthly on a per patient basis with a minimum care requirement of 30 minutes per patient. The billing code for Care Plan Oversight is G0182.

If you have questions regarding reimbursements for attending physicians, consulting physicians, or hospitals who bill services to hospice patients, contact Noelle Nester at 678-583-0717.
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