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What is Hospice

What Is Hospice?

Hospice is not just a place; it’s a model of comfort and compassion-based care and support for patients and their families who are experiencing advanced illnesses.
  • Hospice neither hastens nor prolongs death. It focuses on helping patients live the remainder of their life to the fullest extent possible
  • Hospice is living with quality end-of-life care. Patients need not be homebound or confined to bed
  • Hospice is for patients with many types of illnesses. While about half of our patients have some form of cancer, a large segment of our patients has cardiac and respiratory disease, renal disease, neurological illnesses such as Alzheimer disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, AIDS, cirrhosis, and others
  • Hospice never means the patient or family are giving up hope. There is much that can be done during this precious time when support and care are needed most

Your Care Options

Sacred Journey Hospice’s interdisciplinary team of professionally trained staff members and volunteers are committed to providing compassionate care with a holistic approach aimed at comforting the patient and the family.

Before determining which type of care is best for you or your loved one, we first ask what your goals and hopes are for hospice care. These goals form the foundation of our plan of care. Just as important as the agreed care goals, our care strategies evolve to remain in line with these goals as patients’ needs change.

Some of the services that the caring staff of Sacred Journey Hospice can provide in the comfort of your own home include:
  • Physical care, including medical and nursing services
  • Pain control and symptom management
  • Family education regarding patient care, medications, and expectations
  • Practical care such as bathing and assistance with daily activities
  • Prescription medications, medical supplies, and equipment related to the diagnosis
  • Spiritual and emotional support
  • Professional grief counseling and support
  • Integrative and expressive therapies such as aromatherapy, massage, pet, music, and art

Sacred Journey Hospice Provides a Special Kind of Care

Sacred Journey Hospice provides a special kind of care to the people, their families, and their caregivers who are living with advanced illnesses. At Sacred Journey Hospice, our mission is to tenderly embrace those facing the final moments of life, along with their loved ones, with expert medical care, emotional support, and spiritual guidance. All too often people facing advanced illness don’t know where to turn for comfort and support.

Whether you choose hospice care in the comfort of your own home, at a nursing home, in an assisted living facility, or in our 12-bed inpatient facility, our doctors and nurses ensure that the patients receive the medical attention they need while chaplains, social workers, and volunteers work to make the whole family feel better.

Our DEYTA (third-party auditing agency) scores reflect that our families feel the individualized support and care only a local hospice who knows their families can provide. Over 91% of families say they will recommend Sacred Journey Hospice to their friends and loved ones. Over 91% of families rank our service at either a 9/10 or 10/10.

The Four Levels of Hospice Care

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General Inpatient

(average length of stay in hours to days)

Hospice unit

The patient is having uncontrolled symptoms. For example, it includes pain, respiratory distress, vomiting, bleeding.

The physician determines when a patient is stable for transfer and hospice SW coordinates transfer to home, ALF, or NH (routine hospice with family).

Continuous Care

(average length of stay is 24-48 hours)

Home, assisted living, or nursing home.

The physician determines that a nurse is required to stay with the patient for a few hours to frequently medicate and reassess the uncontrolled symptoms.

Routine Care


Home, assisted living, or nursing home

Primary caregiver: Family, assisted living, or nursing home staff provides care and medication.

Hospice team visits and oversees the plan of care.

The patient has a terminal disease but has a care plan in place for comfort.

Respite Care

Maximum 5 days


At contracted nursing home or hospice unit

NH staff care for the patient while the family has a "respite" period.

Respite is scheduled by hospice SW.
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